Kicking off Scoof Small Business Success Series

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

The initial response to Scoof —from both Court reporters and Scopists/Proofreaders—has been incredibly positive.

Scoof is the first and only mobile app where the community can meet up, team up and produce perfect transcripts. In the few months since we launched, we’ve connected court reporters with scopists and proofreaders all over the country, from the shores of Tampa Bay to the mountains of Washington state.

People are always asking what the difference is between Scoof and social platforms like Facebook. The answer is simple. Facebook and other social networks were built to appeal to the masses. Users are typically free to join almost any group set up within that network’s wall. Sometimes that is a great thing, but many times, it isn’t, especially when unwelcome factions attempt to take over conversations.

Scoof was built to meet the specific needs of court reporters, proofreaders and scopists. Within this controlled environment, users are able to grow their businesses and maximize productivity in a positive way.

We are more than just a mobile app. Scoof is a community. In keeping with the promotion of a community connection, we are kicking off a new educational series called Small Business Success. This series will provide members with valuable tips and tricks, helpful resources, educational materials, upcoming events, and we'll even open the 'mail bag' and answer any direct questions you may have for us. Ultimately, we want you to use Scoof to its fullest potential.

These sessions will primarily be delivered through 5-Minute Fridays, our Facebook Live series that takes place every Friday afternoon at 4 pm ET. Check them out and add these sessions to your calendar. Each week we will pick an issue and dive into it.

Give us just a few minutes each week and we will show you how to create connections, start conversations and convert potential clients into loyal customers.

You can watch our latest 5-Minute Friday session on-demand here.

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