Proofreader of the Month!

Meet Scoof's Featured Proofreader of the Month, Becca Autra!

Becca, owner of Ink and Oath Proofreading, is also an early adopter with Scoof. She is super tech-savvy and her proofing skills are very progressive.

Before proofreading, Becca held a variety of jobs, mostly in the healthcare field. She graduated from Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice, just this past spring!

As a busy mom of six, she appreciates anything that makes getting jobs easier. Since marketing her services has been her least favorite part of this journey, Becca was excited to learn about Scoof. It's a simple way to get jobs without spending hours and hours trying to put herself out there.

Growing up, English was always one of her favorite subjects. She loved to read and write, so proofreading just fit. Learning PDF proofreading through Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice opened up a whole new world that she didn't even know existed. She has worked with some of the nicest reporters, learned some amazing things, and feels like she finally found her true calling. And now, she says, Scoof is making it all even better!

Check out Becca's FB page,, and 'like' her page.

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