Provider FAQs

- On the job

How do I know when I am chosen for a proofing or scoping job?​

The in-app chat feature will notify you, via push-notification alert, that a reporter wishes to utilize your services.  If you DO NOT click on the chat within 15 minutes and send a message, the chat session is disabled and no further action is necessary.  The reporter is then free to search for another available Provider. 

How long is the In-App Chat Window open once I accept a job?​

Upon accepting an assignment from a court reporter, the in-app chat window will remain open for three days.  Please note that Scoof merely connects the reporter with the provider, so once you have connected, you are free to communicate outside of the platform.   

What happens if the job isn't as described?​

As soon as the Provider realizes they are putting far too much work into the file and frustration is setting in, the Provider should immediately stop and contact the reporter to discuss the situation and negotiate rates.

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