As a busy court reporter, I know how frustrating and time-consuming it is to find compatible/competent/reliable scopists and/or proofreaders to either add to your team or to rescue you when your regular is unavailable.  I know how exhausting it is to spend hours culling through the various Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles and websites in search of that community-approved, tried-and-test scopist/proofreader that can answer the call.  As an avid consumer of on-demand technology, I knew there had to be a more efficient solution to this age-old problem in our industry.


Thus, Scoof was conceived.

   Capitalizing on technology to work smarter has always been my passion, so building an app fit right into my wheelhouse.  I consulted with many colleagues during the design phase and built a strong team for development.  It took months and months of work, but the final product has launched in the GooglePlay/AppleStore.

    Scoof is the first and ONLY app in the industry, so please be patient as we evolve to meet the needs of our community.  Our goal is to INSTANTLY connect busy court reporters with proofreaders/scopists that match their specific systems and preferences. 

Meet up, Team up & Produce Perfect Transcripts!

  Although I initially set out to solve a problem in the court reporters’ world, my research revealed that proofreaders/scopists were also looking for a way to efficiently connect with their direct market.  The marketing effort is an endless task, and the rate of return can be difficult to measure.  Scoof appeared to offer that time-saving solution for everyone, so it’s a win-win. Court reporters/proofreaders/scopists are now able to connect on one platform.  Makes sense, right?

     The premiere version of Scoof is a great starting point for our industry. We are currently working on the next upgrades, so stay tuned for an adventure!  And 'LIKE' the SCOOF page on Facebook.  We will be posting fun ideas from our team -- YOU!  We just launched Five-Minute Fridays on our FB page.  Every Friday at 4:00pm EST, we will go live with tips, tricks and ideas to help you grow your business.  We are also in the development stage for an empowerment series.  Stay tuned!  And once again, welcome aboard!

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