Court Reporter FAQs

- Getting Started

How do I sign up as a Customer?

To sign up for SCOOF, simply go to the AppleStore/GooglePlay and download the app. Click Sign Up, then fill in all pertinent information.

1.  Enter Basic Information

2.  Enter Payment Information for Subscription Fee - $4.99/month after 30-day free trial

3.  Terms for Subscription Page - Hit 'Continue'


1.  Go to 'Profile' and Upload Your Professional Profile Photo.

2.  Go to 'Share' and let the world know that you are on SCOOF.  Capitalize on this mobile marketplace to maximize productivity and profitability.

How do I know I am in 'Search For Provider' Mode?

On the HOME page, you will see the PROVIDER bar.  It should be grayed out.  The bar underneath should say 'SEARCH FOR PROVIDER'.  This indicates you are ready to initiate job requests. 

Provider/Customer Designation - Can I be BOTH?

Court Reporters will be the customary customers, and scopists/proofreaders will be the customary Providers within SCOOF; however, reporters may TOGGLE to Provider mode, as well.  For example, if you are a court reporter, as well as a part-time scopist, you may TOGGLE the PROVIDER button located on the Home page.  This toggle button allows you to offer services AND/OR initiate job requests through the app.  Please pay attention to the position of the toggle.

What are the guidelines for a professional photo?​


Your profile photo is the first thing a Provider sees when receiving a job notification, so we want to help you make your photo look great and professional.

Once uploaded, your profile image will be processed and added to your provider profile.

Some things to remember when taking your provider photo:

1.     No hats, sunglasses or headsets.

2.     Smile! Say cheese! Show off your friendly side by giving a nice, big smile in your photo.

3.     Find a well-lit location to take your photo. Your photo will turn out best if you can take your photo in a place where the light is even, so it is not too bright or too dark. 

4.     Find a solid background. Make sure you have a solid background in your photo. We suggest standing in front of a wall to help avoid shadows.

5.     Frame your entire head and top of shoulders. Have your photographer take a few steps back, center your head in the box and get the top of your shoulders in the frame. This is the toughest part, but we know you can do it! 

6.     No blurry or black and white photos. Customers need to see you clearly.

7.     No face filters

Now that you have a great profile photo, you're ready to offer jobs via SCOOF!

What are the requirements to become a customer?​

1.      Download the SCOOF App from or the Apple Store

2.     Provide a proper profile picture

3.     iOS or Android Smartphone (with texting capability)

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