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How do I initiate a job request?

To find a compatible Provider, go to the Scoof Home Page and select "Search For A Provider".  Follow the  sequential screens that follow and select your system requirements and preferences.  Once completed, a list of compatible/available providers will be listed with their star ratings.    

How do I learn the specifics about the individuals within the list of compatible/available providers?

Once the list of compatible/available providers is shown, simply click on their profile photo (left side of the screen) and you will be directed to their "Bio" page, which will contain specific information about that proofreader/scopist.   

How do I start chatting with the Provider I have ultimately selected?

Once you have found the Proofreader/Scopist that you have determined best fits your needs, simply click on the chat bubble on the right of the screen on the Provider list and send a message.  The provider will receive an audio and visual notification that you are reaching out for assistance.

When are providers available?

Proofreading and Scopist providers may accept job requests 24/7. Once a provider signs on with the app, they are part of a global marketplace.  Job requests will be matched to their particular skill-set.

How does the star-rating system work?

At SCOOF, we use a reciprocal star-rating system to help ensure the security and comfort of our community members. Within 72 hours of the job request, both Provider and Customer will receive a push-notification to rate each other on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, 5 being the best.

Anything less than a 4 or 5 means that the someone was less than satisfied, and we would like to know why. Please give us your feedback so we can work to make SCOOF beneficial for everyone!

Please note that those who have multiple 1 or 2-star ratings may lose access to the platform. 

Why do I have to give the app certain permissions?


Photos;  you'll see a request to access your Photos when you attempt to add an existing photo to your profile.

How do I contact SCOOF?

You can contact SCOOF by emailing us at starting a chat at the bottom right of your screen, or through Facebook. We may also use the help button. We’re here for you!

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