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- Provider issues

How do I report a problem with my Proofreading or Scoping provider or job?

Our team at SCOOF wants to make sure all jobs are completed smoothly.  If you have any problems with a provider or job, please contact us at and we will get back to you right away.

How do I submit a complaint?

Our goal is to connect you with a provider that will exceed your expectations. If that doesn’t work out and you are at all dissatisfied with your service, please let us know at We will work with you towards resolution.

What if the provider and I disagree on the job as described?

If the provider does not feel like you have described the job accurately or feels that it should be priced differently due to the work involved, they should communicate that to the customer immediately via the in-app chat or a platform mutually agreed upon.

What if I'm not satisfied with the job?


We hope that doesn't happen! Of course, you can let the provider know if your expectations weren't met so they have the chance to exceed them. If you don't agree that the job was done according to its description, you'll have the option to dispute the job. Please contact us within 24 hours with as much information as possible. Understand that SCOOF is not involved with the financial matters of the transaction; therefore, we are limited in our ability to assist towards a resolution. 

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