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This week we will talk about the value of a mobile app in the court reporting field.  We have had a lot of questions lately regarding the pricing strategy of Scoof, so let’s address that in this month’s newsletter.


Mobile apps are undoubtedly the next wave in the evolution of business.  As a busy court reporter, I identified a problem:  There are no mobile apps available to assist busy court reporters searching for compatible/competent/reliable proofreaders and scopists who are readily available to take on work.  I made it my mission to solve the problem; thus, Scoof was created.  Scoof is a first-to-market, intuitive mobile app that is streamlining an inefficient system. 


Value is defined as something that someone considers to be important or beneficial.  We designed Scoof to be an invaluable resource to court reporters, proofreaders and scopists.  Scoof possesses unique features and functions that afford end-users the ability to locate compatible/reliable/competent assistance anytime, anywhere based on specific preferences.  Our goal was to create a robust product that eliminates gross inefficiencies with the current process, while also deterring substandard service providers and customers from signing on. Research has proven that $4.99 is the price point that delivers that perfect balance of ‘legitimate’ customers/providers. Scoof’s intention is to ensure the integrity of our product via continuous monitoring.   


There is inherent value in placing a price point on this dynamic product.  Both reporters and proofreaders/scopists should experience huge productivity gains in the way of saved time.  Reporters will save time in their relentless search process for legitimate providers, and proofreaders/scopists will save time with rigorous and continuous marketing efforts.  Scoof incorporates an instant in-app communication feature, a five-star quality rating system, and succinct Bios that allow court reporters and proofreaders/scopists to make informed decisions quickly.  And because the app does NOT involve itself with the invoicing process, providers retain 100% billing for their services.  I like to say that Scoof is the of the reporting world in that we use a certain set of criteria to match the reporter with a compatible, rated provider in our database.  


Many people do not realize the amount of time, capital, technical expertise and risk necessary to design, build, maintain and market a simple app.  There is a tremendous amount of stress that starts at the conception phase and continues all the way through the Google Play/Applestore launch.  And once the product is released, the work has merely just begun.  The monthly subscription fee of $4.99/month, $49.99/year for Scoof is negligible when compared to the exponential benefits everyone will receive.  We know that court reporters, proofreaders and scopists who truly value their own special skills and talent will recognize the value Scoof offers.  This mobile app is a win-win for the court reporting field, and we look forward to continued upgrades that will make Scoof an indispensable item in your toolbox.  

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